Mortgage cover

Here at Protection 1st our role is to make sure that you can remain in your home should you become ill, be unable to work or that it remains in the family estate if you die.  

After all, a mortgage is likely to be the biggest financial commitment you’ll ever take out. It is vital that you have the correct cover in place to pay your mortgage off if you die or become ill, and that you can afford your mortgage repayments if you cannot work. 

We work with you to provide bespoke cover with some of the UKs leading providers of cover, all within an agreed budget. 

Here at Protection 1st we will make sure that you and your family are left with your home and not just the debt if you become ill or pass away. 

Protection for your family

Day to day life is expensive, and unfortunately your direct debits do not all stop if you become ill or if you pass away.  

We work with you and within your budget to assess how much your family would need if you became ill or died, to provide a lump sum or income to protect your family if you are no longer around.  

What you are putting in place is simply this -  peace of mind that if you pass away or become critically ill, your family will be able to maintain a decent standard of living and not solely rely on the state for support.  

Income protection

Your income is the foundation for the lifestyle you have become accustomed to – take it away and you can quickly become reliant on your savings and the generosity of your employers’ sick pay and the welfare state.  

Here at Protection 1st we are passionate in ensuring that you can pay your mortgage and other bills if you are unable to work due to accident or illness, and maintain some standard of living. We can make sure this safety net income starts when your cash reserves start to dwindle, or provide cover that starts as soon as you become unable to work due to accident or illness, so that your savings can remain intact. 

This is vital cover for you to pay your bills and continue to live your life if you become ill, and remain in the family home you’ve worked so hard to achieve. 

Cancer cover and other critical illnesses

Cancer diagnosis can be devastating on the individual and their family. Cancer is also expensive, and can leave a huge financial hole in its wake. The good news is that more people survive cancer than ever before, but recovery can be slow and the treatment can take some time to recover fully from.  

With the right cover in place, we can make sure that you receive a lump sum upon diagnosis of critical illnesses like cancer, heart attack, stroke or MS. This cover can be paid out within weeks of diagnosis as a lump sum, and can be used to pay off your mortgage and maintain your standard of living.  

Protection 1st will help you to find the right cover with the right budget, taking into consideration family history and your current state of health to make sure you have the most appropriate available to you. 

Higher BMI clients

To give them credit the UK providers of life insurance can be relatively flexible when it comes to providing cover to those of us with higher BMI. You may pay a little more for your cover per month but your BMI can be in the mid-40s and you can still get covered.  

There are also certain medical conditions such as those related to your thyroid that can have a direct effect on your BMI and insurers can take these factors in to consideration. 

We will treat any information with full confidentiality, and can help to get you covered whatever your shape and size. Call us for a confidential conversation. 

Specialist cover and pre-existing conditions

If you are diabetic, have previously had a serious illness, or feel that for whatever reason you cannot get life insurance, you could well be missing out on protecting you and your family. 

You may find you are covered on specific terms that exclude certain pre-existing conditions, or have a higher premium than ‘standard’ cover, but it is definitely worth checking to see if you can get cover. 

Similarly, if you are one of life’s adrenaline junkies and spend your weekends parachuting or scuba diving, we can point you in the right direction for life insurance and critical illness cover that takes these pastimes into consideration. 

Life insurance and mental health

Life is tough at times and can take its toll on our mental health. Rest assured that whatever your history and individual timeline, the insurers we work with are sympathetic to mental health conditions and will do everything they can to provide you with cover.  

You may need to answer some specific questions about your individual circumstances, you may need to pay a little more for your cover or have certain conditions excluded from your policy, but you should absolutely try to get cover as it’s very possible that we will be able to help. 

Business Protection

If you are a business owner, have employees who rely on you, have co-Directors who share your burden, skilled or key employees who you rely heavily on, or shareholders who have a say in the running of your business, then we can help protect you and your business. 

Business protection does not have to be complex – once we get an understanding of the risks specific to your business and who needs to benefit in the event of a major event like death or illness, we can put the right cover in place. 

Some examples of business protection are: 

Providing a lump sum to compensate the business in the event of the death of a key employee. 

Share buyback arrangements to ensure that the business always stays in the right hands. 

Income protection for the key executives in the business that can be paid for as a business expense. 

Simple cover for a business to survive the death of the owner and make sure the remaining employees are paid for a period of time to allow them to find alternative employment.  

Get in touch and we can get the ball rolling to provide you with the best cover for you and your business. 

Reviewing your existing protection portfolio

Over time it can be quite easy to have built up a collection of life insurance policies taken out at various stages of your life. These could be tucked away in a draw or sat on top of the microwave as we speak! 

At the same time, the life insurance market has moved on significantly. New products are available, new definitions for critical illnesses have developed, bolt-ons such as children’s cover have become available. 

Similarly, some of the older policies still in force may be seen as basic, but these can be extremely good policies with very broad definitions of critical illnesses.  

Protection 1st can review ALL of your existing policies against what is available today, to assess what you have specific to your current needs. We use an external audit system to assess all of your cover, and can provide you with a free report that will let you know what could be improved and why, and what cover you have that you need to keep forever. 

You never know, we may even save you a few pennies along the way! 

Get in touch and we can get the ball rolling with your own bespoke protection portfolio review. 

Private Medical Insurance

Currently 1 in 9 of the UK population is on an NHS waiting list, and the whole institution is in crisis. We love the NHS and what it represents, and the heroes who work within it. However we also recognise that we need to look after our health and our families’ health. As such, there has been a 400% increase in private health care plans in the UK and all that it entails. If you would like to be able to choose your own local hospital, have private inpatient and outpatient treatment, your own virtual GP 24/7, prescriptions emailed to your phone in 1 to 2 hours, access to the best treatment if you are unfortunate enough to be the 1 in 2 of us that will get cancer in our lifetime, then this may be something for you and your family. Dental and optical options are common, with up to £500 towards your prescription frames and lenses – it can be tailored to match your requirements and budget. Quotes are straightforward as price is determined by your age and postcode (your BMI has no effect on price). Group cover for employers can be set up with pre-existing conditions covered and can be tax efficient if set up correctly.

Wills & Trusts

As the saying goes, only two things in life are certain, death and taxes. It is therefore vitally important that you make provision for what is to happen to your estate upon death. If not, there will be other interested parties – the Revenue and their Inheritance Tax rules being one (40% is a figure you want to avoid paying them!) There is little provision for step children in law, and without a will and appropriate trust then you are at risk of your wishes not being carried out upon your death.

Another important factor here is to make sure any life cover has the relevant trust in place to keep it out of your estate upon death so that the proceeds can be paid to the right people an in a timely manner. Think of a trust as the envelope you place your life insurance in, and the trustee is the name you address it to. Throw in a letter of your wishes for how you want the proceeds to be split (between children, grandchildren, siblings is most common) and you have the basis of a trust. When we advise and recommend on our range of products, we will also recommend the most suitable life insurance trust for you, if one is required. We will then help you to complete the trust correctly and to make sure you have peace of mind that your wishes will be carried out by a person or people you trust.

*Wills are not Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

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